App No Longer Available in Playstore/Appstore: How To Download [Solved]

Being an Android or iOS user, it’s normal to get excited by new apps frequently releasing on the play store/app store. But sometimes we came to know that the app we were using previously is no longer available in Playstore/Appstore. As reported by many users, we are here to provide you the best possible solution to cope with that issue. For further guidance, follow this article to the end.

There can be many reasons for this problem. Some of them indicate supportability issues. The particular app is no longer supportable in order to meet the current needs or standards.

The app can’t manage to run with the frequent updates. In the World of tech, one should know how to compete with the market standards and competition all around. How to adopt the day to day evolution of technology and implement them in the form of updates.

All these tactics require strong planning. Due to a lack of resources in order to meet the current standards, the app becomes dead. That is one of the reasons behind this problem. Therefore, the developers no longer focus on these apps.

App No Longer Available in Playstore/Appstore

The Developer Has Removed This App From Appstore/Playstore

Many users have reported and posted queries regarding the App No Longer Available in Playstore/Appstore. They are about keen to know how to find the app in a particular region or it might have been removed by the developer.

The answer to this question is pretty simple, if you have downloaded this particular app before, then there is a lot more hope to download it again. Note that for paid apps, it is quite obvious you can download it again.

Unlike the case, if the company likes the play store or app store has itself removed the app. In this situation, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to find and download the app from the app store or play store.

Now, heading to the main guide about how to find and download the app no longer available in the Playstore/Appstore. follow the bellow methods carefully that are based on how to download apps pulled from the app store or play store.

Method 1: Apps No Longer Available in Appstore: How To Download


Having an iPhone or iPad and want to download the missing apps that are being pulled, you should follow the below steps carefully:

Step 1: Head over to the App Store on your iPhone/iPad and simply tap on the account icon located at the top right corner of the interface.

Step 2: Once you have entered the account windows, tap on the “Purchased” option located below.

Step 3: Right now, tap on the “Not on this iPhone” option at the top in order to find the pulled or missing apps that are no longer available on App store.

Step 4: At this moment, from the list of Apps being appeared scroll and search the app you want to download and install.

Step 5: After finding the exact app, simply tap on the cloud icon adjacent to the app in order to download.

That’s it, problem solved! enjoy and share this information with others.

Method 2: Apps No Longer Available in Playstore: How To Download


Unlike iOS, there are many ways to deal with Android and it also easy as compare to iOS. If you are Android user, we will provide you some simple hacks that will help you in this regard. Android is an open source project and considered soft in terms of restrictions as compared to iOS.

Let’s head over to the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Playstore and just open it.

Step 2: Open the menu by tapping on the three lines located in the search bar at the top left corner.

Step 3: “My apps & games” is the option you need to select.

Step 4: A new windows will appear where you need to select the option “Library”. It will list down the history of your all the previously downloaded apps.

Step 5: It’s bit a hard task to search the particular app amongst the long list of Apps. But you will have to bear this pain.

If you are not comfortable with officials, then you can go for sideloading apps on Android. But at your own risk. It is by default disabled due to security reasons. You can enable it manually. Follow the below steps to enable sideloading on your Android phone.

How To Enable Sideloading on Android

Step 1: Head over to the settings on your Android phone.

Step 2: Implement this path “Apps & Notifications-> Advanced->Special App Access->Install Unknown apps-> At this moment, “Select chrome or other app you want to allow to download the app”.

Step 3: Simply tap on “Allow from this source” by triggering the toggle to turn it ON.

Finally, you have made it to enable sideloading on Android. One more thing, the apps that are no longer available on Playstore can be easily found on APK Mirror. By using this, you can easily sideload the Android on your smartphone.

Once you have enabled the sideload on your Android phone, it’s better be using APK Mirror in order to find those missing and pulled apps from Playstore.

That’s it, you are done successfully. The issue Regarding “App No Longer Available in Playstore/Appstore” has successfully been resolved in this post.

If you want to install Android applications on Windows smartphone, then click on the link to follow the particular guide.

Let us know in the comment section, if you are facing any problem related to that post.

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