Consumer Cellular APN Settings in 2020 [Configuration Guide]

Consumer Cellular is yet another famous Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which uses AT&T infrastructure. Thus, in order to use its internet services, you need to add the right APN setting details because providing the wrong APN settings may lead to connection failure.

In order to make sure that all these operations work correctly, then all you need is to provide the correct settings. Most of the settings required are provided and pre-configured by your phone device that means you don’t need to make a change in the settings.

The Need For Changing APN Settings

Most of the users have a perception that unlocked phones do ‘not require APN settings to be configured. But that is wrong, in some cases, you will need to configure it. If your cellular network and other internet-based operations are working correctly, then no need to change the APN settings at that time because settings are pre-configured by your phone device automatically.

Most of the time, the phone devices detect Network-related settings and configure the APN settings. So, all works fine. But whenever these type of problems occur like your device cannot activate cellular data network, then this is obvious that the APN settings are incorrect and needs to be configured correctly.

Consumer Cellular APN Settings

About Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is the alternate carrier that is most popular across the world due to its best packages. It brings a lot of packages that best suites smartphones. Your wireless needs can be easily fulfill using consumer cellular at the best rates.

It offers a high 4G LTE speed. As compared to traditional carriers, consumer cellular is best in every department and can save a remarkable amount of money. It gives you enough data packages at such a low price.

Consumer Cellular is divided into two parts that are talk plan and connect plan. You can merge both plans according to your requirements and come up with a plan that best suits you.

Consumer Cellular APN Settings

  • Name: ConsumerCellular
  • APN: ccdata
  • Username: N/A
  • Password: N/A
  • Proxy: N/A
  • Port: N/A
  • Server: N/A
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 80
  • MNC: 410
  • MCC: 310
  • Authentication type: default, mms

Easy Steps To Configure Consumer Cellular APN Settings

So, if you are totally newbie to APN settings, then follow the below steps carefully that include both Android and iOS smartphones. These explicit steps will help you to implement the above APN information in an accurate manner.

On Android Devices

Step 1: Simply navigate to Settings on your phone and then tap on “Wireless&networks”. Proceed to “Mobile network->Access Point Name (APNs)”.

Step 2: In APNs window, tap on the three-dots icon indicating menu and then select the option “New APN”. The “New APN” option will direct you to the window that contains all the options discussed above. Now, implement the above information accordingly.

Step 3: After providing the information, Save it and then reboot your smartphone.

Step 4: When your phone boots up again, then test it by launching the browser and also send some MMS for confirmation.

On iOS Devices

Step 1: Tap on the Settings on your iPhone and then tap on “cellular”. You will also be required to turn ON the cellular data.

Step 2: Now, proceed to the “cellular data network” option. Your iPhone should be unlocked, otherwise, you will not be able to access the APN settings.

Step 3: Now, type the above-provided APN settings information into the cellular data section.

That’s all you need to activate the Consumer Cellular carrier on your smartphones by configuring your device with the right APN settings.

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